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About Harvest Delites

Fresh Produce, Women preps meals at home with fresh produce
Fresh potatoes grown with care by Midwest Farmers for best quality from our family to yours


Discover Harvest Delites


From field to fork, Harvest Delites brings all the nutrition and Midwest flavor you expect. Grown by Wisconsin Farmers with the highest integrity to bring you potatoes that are good for the body and earth. Look for the Harvest Delites brand in the produce aisle at your local retailer or ask for the Harvest Delites brand by name. Harvest Delites will feature new crop fresh market Wisconsin Russet potatoes in 5- and 10 pound poly bags. 

Rooted in 45 years of expertise in growing Wisconsin Potatoes, Harvest Delites partners with family farms across the nation to bring the freshest produce to market in the Midwest and beyond.


Naturally. Nutritious. Produce.

Wisconsin Potato Field, Arena, WI
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